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Twinkles of Truth

Free verse
This poem is a contribution to the STSC Symposium, a monthly set-theme collaboration between STSC writers. The topic for this upcoming issue is Beauty.
Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

The phantasmagoria of flickering flames
The will-o-wisp in the bog
Of the great darkness of tonight
Evanescence wends through this mortal coil
Full of wayward, blind, and broken things
And in stumbling pursuit we find
Here and there
The sundry lights of day

Belief is found in twinkles of truth
The winks of eyes and stars in a perilous blue
Immortality is death
The momentary live on
And know the soul is kinetic
A rainbow, salmon upstream
The present is rife with gold
Life is a floundering thing
And Beauty lights its way