Here's an assortment of links to people and projects I find interesting. The idea is to highlight the best of the best, social media algorithms and search engines be damned, and the more people who do this the better.

Where you can find me

Twitter - I share my work, others' work, and anything that fascinates me, written or drawn or made - once again, algorithm be damned.


The Soaring Twenties Social Club - Thomas J Bevan's darling digital speakeasy for artists and flaneurs attempts to mimic real life as much as possible - without replacing it. The Soaring Twenties Substack offers readers a taste of the immense talent within the guild.

The Commonplace - Dear leader Thomas J Bevan writes full-time while paving the way for fellow sovereign artists.

The Zeitville Chronicle - Paul Publisher studies and interprets our lives and times with stellar prescience indeed.

Nova Nevedoma - Informed by his Russian heritage, Vanya writes, scripts, translates, and experiments willy-nilly into vast, uncharted, and patently absurd territories of creation.

Think On These Things - Brady churns out walls of text (aka BWoTs) on his way to becoming a full-time novelist. Buy his book.

Theofuturism - According to Zack, the future is Christian - and Web3? He has it on uncommonly good authority that WGMI.

Tim Waggoner - Tim brings decades of imaginative dark fantasy, extreme horror, and very weird fiction to the table and talks craft at his long-running blog.

I Won't Keep You - Trilety writes generally short pieces with exquisite feeling, lyricism, and obscenity only she can get away with and make it look good.

Craig's Cabinet of Meagre Offerings - Craig retains a litany of anti-content writing in his archive but has ascended to the world of fiction, a novella forthcoming in stages.

The Wednesday Audio - Hullo, welcome... Craig's podcast-but-not-a-podcast madcap descent into sanity is a good fit for a dirty listener like you, YES? (Trilety agrees.)

Get Rich or Die Typin' - Sam recently graduated to his own blog and also has a novella serializing soon... It's open competition with Craig, just so you know.

Desk Notes - Charles talks shop across writing, travel, literature, and how these domains intersect with a level of skill that is rare to find in this earth.

Indulging a Second Look - DB Cooper(?) proves a virtuoso in crafting short stories, films, inspired reviews, and walls of text (DWoTs) to rival even Brady's.

Tony Zentelis - Stream-of-consciousness meets zealous living in Tony, originator of the Template (trademark pending?) and sensational sentence swashbuckler.

From the Future - Edward Rooster is an avid historian, tech-savvy experimenter, and skilled writer with several serials under his belt who likes to lead you usefully astray.

The Pulp Fictioneer - Frank Theodat is on a mission to review and revitalize pulp fiction in the new millennium as only a writer can do.

The Pulp Vitalist - Frank Kidd takes the cavalier approach of pulp revival to short stories and flash - a talent in so many words.

Cabinet of Curiosities - Diverse offerings include a sci-fi serial and deep ruminations on place. Minna has something for everyone.

Risk Musings - Weekly tales of risk and risk management in every context under the sun. Stephanie combs the world over for the notable and the unobvious.

Clinsights - Clint presents essays, thoughts, and stories with a combination of skill, curiosity, and prolificity that makes him ever the entertaining read.

Vita Benes - Vita makes quality assessments of human productivity and the poison it can quickly become. More in store? Not only a good dancer, he has the writing chops. - Frequent notes on meaning, creativity, feeling the day, and immense gratitude for life as a whole. Deepansh is frequently noted to be wise beyond his years.

A Particular Weird - Lyle has a wealth of disparate interests, fantasy to religion, and an ongoing quest to express them as best he can. With his brand of authenticity, I'm quite on board.


Esther Van Hulsen - Esther is a lifelong, diligent wildlife artist with awards and features all over, and her paleoart is something else.

Mario Lanzas - Mario specializes in paleoart and the presentation of deep views of history through video compilations of his original drawings.

Cool Sites

Raptor Rex - Rex does detailed breakdowns of ancient animals, often obscure genera, with the special twist of a narrative scene to kick off each video.

Prehistoric Wildlife - The wiki for all entries extinct. There's much more than dinosaurs we never did see.

Eric Murphy - All-in on Linux and private, personal web-craft, Eric has a healthy perspective on how we might better conduct ourselves online.