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Cats Still Prefer Love's Trouble

And other musings in tanka form
Photo by Pacto Visual on Unsplash

Thalassa in light,
Waves sparking in the low sun
Push the earth to awe.
If I look from my ferry,
Will a dolphin bless my wake?

Wish upon a star
And decipher its answer,
Hear the horrid cry.
Telescopes notice the glint
Of hunger in blackest reach.

The dinosaur age
Is a voluminous blip
On human radars.
What if the same reptiles saw
How large our ravages are?

Lustily eldritch,
Cats still prefer love’s trouble
For reasons unknown.
They slip to nightmare spaces
And still make it home for treats.

After rains, heat is
Lord of the home that I have
Which treats me lukewarm.
Sweat clutches my pores on runs,
And dead gnats hug me till dusk.