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"The Stars are a Farce!"

Heavens, no!
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

First Monsters

Primordial chaos
Is it spacetime or something outermore
Where Leviathan was banished?
To what crevice did Samael slither in escape?

Another dimension
The dread angles of existence
Or night’s fertile void
That opens up beneath the brain?

Pre-existential Master Therion
Bestial beyond Crowley’s ego
Does it lurk in our shadow now
After fighting God over what He made?

The first monster was the first fear
Satan follows in its footsteps, dear child
Be cognizant that we too have fallen
But we choose when we do the same

“The Stars are a Farce!”

Says he who looks down
Curses glory with his gaze
And foully hawks at the ground

It’s all a gaudy lightshow
Which he feels he is beneath
Knowing the arbiter of his fate
Wishing to smash the mirror in peace

Galaxies wheel through the heavens
Supernovae are bright in bloom
Beneath them is no one
Save he who laments of his tomb

Lowercase words be damned
For all the verity they twist and skew
We are best and equal when looking up
Into universal awe and what to pursue

The Winds of God

Gone with the wind
Are the flowers of yesteryear
Such is for the best
For sky’s tides bring tidings of joy
New causes to celebrate
Which reveal the Beauty of sublime forward orientation

The breeze at your back, that nipping at your cheeks
Is a buttress and peck and caress of love
Blown cradle that rocks only with intention
Lest your faith (be let) go
In a hurricane of your own

The winds of God are not the winds of Zarr
Their gale is regalia, not retribution
They will never steer you wrong

Paper Tigers

It’s no wonder we don’t stare at the sun
We know it’s God’s face
And that you’re supposed to look away
For behold Him we should not

We are fragile and blessed in our distinction
Cursed with beauty, twined in spectacle
Unfolding paper tigers whose origami bridges dimensions
Between the real and the unreal

Iteration is our greatest friend
Itself a fractal of the King
Greater, greater, holier by the moment
And by momentum it brings earth up to speed

Heaven moves faster in Truth
And humans must plod to catch up
Thank God for His infinite patience
Or we all would be fucked!

But sooth, there’s beauty in that
Just as there’s Beauty above
We play and stumble and dawdle
And on occasion we heed our call

To create our modest chairs
Our implements and philosophies crude
The love is in the labor
In the eyes of the maker looking on


The night beyond your window
The water your eyes will fight
The morphic moon in motion
Every leaf and stone in sight

She is God indwelling on earth
And among the joyful makes Her site
At sickbeds and too with those in exile
Her comfort is solace, Her kinship delight

She seeks His revelation
Is the glory to His design
In search of open-hearted humans
Whose mission it is to shine

She is with you at your best
When you’re without self and spread kind
When you create in God’s image
When you share such sight with the blind