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Sonnet 0x1

Today, I shake a spear and soldier on
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Today, you buy yourself an NFT;
The next, you prob’ly buy them all, no less,
For apes and dogs and cats and frogs you see
Whereat to mad machines we retrogress.

A single meme is each and hardly more,
But ‘tis the age when minds do deal in strife.
Decisions make and projects launch to whore
A mass bewitched by coin and carnal life.

Should love be scorned in thrall to selfish pains,
A quest to make it all we care to tout,
The hearts of men do black with rust and chains
And halt what NFTs could be about.

When next you sit to sip your bullish brew,
Reflect on what investment means to you.