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Rigid Swimmer

On what I want to see

This poem is excerpted from a larger post made on Substack. You can read the original announcement about my intent to move operations here.

I’ve had twenty-something months to dwell on what that means
To me
And my approximation of it comes both inverse and in parallel

Like the squid-hunting ichthyosaurs, Jurassic dolphins
I am a deep diver
And delving the dark unlighted in search of life
Is a flying high

What Tom says is true
This decade can rhyme with that uproar of a century past
Start with a descent
And soar back to surface with bounties, deserved gasps of air

Ichthyosaurs, surface-dwelling once, dove to adjust and thrive
Avoid predators
And find forms of sustenance away from the messy feed
Of the public eye

What transpires
Underneath is the product of covert ecosystems, new niches
And I am here
To participate in these self-selecting patches of fertile deep

This becomes the creative mission of The Metta Verse
From curiosity
With love for the minds and hearts hard at work
In discovery’s dark

To new inquiries
To brave adventures of the self-directed, nourishing sort
To production
Of tomes and tales unfathomed and full with honest art

I present as illustration an ichthyosaurid
A “rigid swimmer” in that I know what I want to see
I want; to sea

I wish the best
To all experimenting in these their chosen depths
Curious how
Two endeavors might not align, by design, and good

The Soaring Twenties will not select nor distinguish by creed
Merely mark the times
We discover ourselves in the onward trend; the dive is made for us
And so we make the dive